Red Rocket Chilli Relish

Red Rocket Chilli Relish


Escape velocity and gratify your senses with this radiant chilli relish. It may be no solar flare but it will have your tastebuds dancing for light years to come. Its out of this world!


    Large chunks of sweet red pepper and even sweeter serenade chillies give balance to the more savoury and umami-laden base of this relish.

    A deep blend of slow-cooked tomatoes and caramelised onions with subtle hints of lime, garlic and red wine vinegar.

    This Red Rocket isn't hot but it definitely makes a rich, balsamicky and indulgent addition to burgers, rice, omelettes, meats and cheeses.

    A sure-fire way to liven up a dish or turn crackers into a sumptuous snack between meals.

    Yet why not try it in tomato sauce as well?

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    Red wine vinegar, serenade chilli, tomato, brown sugar, roasted red pepper, red onion, roasted garlic, lime


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