Grizzly Garlic Chilli Sauce
  • Grizzly Garlic Chilli Sauce


    2019 - 'UK Chilli Sauce Awards' Winner - 3rd Place -Medium Heat Category

    2020 - Great Taste Award Winner

    2020 - 2nd Place - Medium Category - The League of Fire 2020 UK Hot Sauce Super League


    Made with our own bear hands! 


      Dark, rich and caramelised are the three words which best describe our Grizzly Garlic. A sweet, umami-laden blend of slow-cooked onions, garlic and ginger, with a subtle, velvety undercurrent of red wine vinegar. Truly indulgent, with just the tiniest touch of fresh zing left behind to enhance the feel of its rather manageable heat.


      This one's burn is far milder than its naga chilli might suggest but still enough to add a pleasant punch to anything that you might put it on or in.


      From bangers and mash, chicken, beef and bolognese to soups, stews, stir-frys and ramen, if sweet and savoury depth is what your dishes crave then this is the sauce for you!


      Product Info by Spicefreak


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      Onion, Sugar, Red Wine Vinegar, Garlic (11%), Tomatoes, Water, Ginger, Naga Chilli (1%), Salt, Paprika.



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