Our story so far...

Our journey with chilli began in the late noughties when a friend bought us a chilli plant as a gift. I think it was an Apache F1.

Very much like this chilli plant, our new found passion quickly grew and before we knew it we were chilli plant hobby growers! 

We joined various chilli forums and blogs (before Facebook was around) to seek out growing tips and share the love for the fiery fruit. 

Around this time the Naga Ghost chilli had taken the top spot as the hottest chilli in the world. Popularity was growing quickly, and the nation was turning into chilli-heads as they all wanted a piece of the next hottest thing. 

This naturally led us to taking 
part in extreme eating challenges, visiting chilli festivals to meet other like minded people and tasting other producers artisan chilli products.

We were hooked!

In 2012 an opportunity came up


We had been offered access to a neglected and deserted glasshouse that used to be home to a tomato farm! 

I joined forces with a good friend and

The Chilli Project was born.

We seized this promising opportunity and setup our first large

scale grow

In 2013 we entered the Isle of Wight Chilli Cookoff.

A competition cooking up the best chilli-con-carnie from scratch judged on appearance, aroma, consistency and aftertaste.


We came, we cooked, we conquered, and took home the trophy and a cash prize.

We were now producing the fruits of our labor!


Product development began.

Road testing our prototype products on our friends and family gave us the valuable feedback and confidence we needed to establish a brand and a business. 


All of our products are homemade by us, from the artwork/branding to the recipes, ensuring you are getting a fully artisan end product.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.


Rick & Laura